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Best-practice safety management for a safer workplace

Inside our safety software is everything your business needs to stay on top of H&S compliance and lead a safe work environment. You’ll have access to essential safety management plans that help companies build a better safety culture, promote workplace safety, and implements best-practice risk management practices. Whether you use our H&S software as a complete workplace health and safety solution or as an additional advanced resource for your existing safety management systems, you’ll have the backing of a best-in-class occupational health and safety management system helping you continuously improve and monitor your business’s health and safety.

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Commit to continuously improving health and safety management

Be in control of your workplace health and safety with Citation Safety’s H&S Management Software. You’ll have access to the latest information, advice, and best-practice guidance on everything workplace safety. Plus, be able to store, manage, and update critical information about existing or potential safety risks anytime, anywhere.

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Industry-leading safety management software that works with you

When was the last time your business checked its safety practices? NZ’s health and safety laws are some of the most complex and intricate around the world, and it’s up to business owners to ensure they’re compliant with them – not knowing is no excuse in the eyes of the law. Combined with our telephone advice and our best-in-class H&S management software, you’ll have peace of mind knowing our safety experts are working with you to not only be compliant but stay compliant.

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Protecting your people, your business, and most importantly, you

Empower every member of your team; from the CEO and managers to employees, volunteers and contractors with Citation Safety’s interactive safety registers. Employees can identify, report, and track safety in the workplace regardless of location and best of all, it’s completely paper-free. Don’t just talk the talk, walk the walk, and expand your business’ capabilities to connect and engage with workplace safety wherever they happen to be.

Got burning questions? We’ve got answers

A WHS regulatory compliance system is an H&S management system that gives your business a stringent framework for managing health and safety. Good compliance systems like Citation Safety’s H&S management software, include best-practice processes, procedures, and policies that provide clear direction for all employees to minimise safety risks within the business and ensure compliance with legislative requirements.

Managing risk in your workplace involves much more than just reacting to identified hazards, it includes planning and implementing processes to identify, rectify, and minimise risks as far as is reasonably practicable.

Citation Safety is your go-to safety consulting service. Our team of health and safety experts can work with your business to assess your existing safety management system, health and safety performance, and work environment, helping continuously improving your business.

Workers’ compensation or workers’ comp is a form of insurance that provides wage replacement and medical benefits to employees in any industry who’ve been injured or become sick while completing duties outlined in their employment.

Safety in the workplace cannot be underestimated. Creating a positive safety culture in your workplace is what keeps your staff and your business maintaining safe operations. Ensuring that everyone from the CEO to managers to employees takes safety seriously can result in improved workplace health and safety and overall business performance.